These have been a legal requirement since 1832, listing everyone who was eligible to vote in national and local elections, usually published annually. They give the name of the voter, their address and until 1948 what was their qualification to be on the list of voters. In the early days only a limited proportion of the (male) population were entitled to vote and thus only their names appear in the register, By the end of the first world war, 1918, nearly all men over the age of 21 had the right to vote. The vote was extended to all women over 30 in 1918, and finally in 1928 this was reduced to 21, in line with men. The following are links to the electoral rolls for Hathern.

1830 Electoral Poll  2 lace makers. John Handford plough maker

1832 Electoral Roll

Persons entitled to elect knights. Very interesting as it shows roughly where people live e.g. "near the old Dovecot". Several mentions of Golden Square. Also "Mount Pleasant" (where was this ?)
1865 Electoral Roll Only 38 voters, almost half not resident in Hathern
1924 Spring Register Most common family names (over 10 mentions) are Hunt (23), Price (21), Randon (16), Spencer (15), Bowley (14), Swift (12), Groves (11), Moody (10), Warren (10
1951-2 Sreet Directory This is in street order. Bungalow Estate is the name given to the temporary accommodation providedby the houses and shelters previously used to house the (mainly) Italian prisoners of War on the site behind Pear Tree Cottage. 

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