Leicestershire Mediaeval Village Notes

This invaluable book was compiled in 4 volumes and published in 1920-30. It was the result of 15 year's work by George F. Farnham from Quorn trancribing manorial records for each village, including Hathern which you can see below. It supersedes the Nichol's History of Leicestershire and, in its diligence in trancription of original documents, improves on it. This record along with further transcription from original documents will contribute to the completion of the Victoria County History (VCH), a project being run by Charnwood Roots. The book provides a chronological record of transactions, the majority of which are translated from the original Latin and French documents. They are useful material for further research.  Of particular interest are the list of inhabitants from as early as 1332. . You can see some of the names of prominent Hathern families down the years, e.g. Berrison (Berrington?), Keighley (Keightley?), Harriman, Savidge(Savage), Gudridge (Gutteridge), Eyton(Exon?), Praytt (Pratt).  A link here is provided to Mr. Farnham's Contribution to the History of Leicestershire. This helps to explain exactly which resources have been used (e.g Fines, Assize Rolls, Inquisitions).


HATHERN. Curtis’ History of Leicestershire. 1830. Hathern is in the Hundred of West Goscote, 3 miles north-west from Loughborough, contains 1292 acres, 1144 inhabitants and 245 houses. The principal landed proprietors are Charles March Phillipps, esq., who is lord of the manor, and the Rev. John Boyer. C. M. Phillipps, esq., is patron of the rectory, which has a glebe of 260 acres. The parish was inclosed in 1777. At the dissolution of monasteries the lands here belonging to Garendon abbey were granted to Thomas Manners, earl of Rutland, from whom they came by marriage to George Villers, duke of Buckingham ; and in 1683 were sold to Sir Ambrose Phillips.

Kelly, in his 1922 directory, says that the area of Hathern is 1330 acres of land and 11 of water. Everard March Phillipps de Lisle, esq., who is lord of the manor, Wigston’s hospital, Leicester, Christ’s College, Cambridge, lord Crawshaw, the rector and the Rev. R. Boyer are the principal landowners. The living is a rectory, net yearly value £396, with residence and 264 acres of glebe, in the gift of the trustees of the Rev. E. Smythies. Hathern was for some time the residence of Mr. John Heathcote, the inventor of the bobbin net machine.

V.C.H. Leicestershire, 1, p. 336. Domesday Survey. About 1086. Land of earl Hugh (of Chester). Robert holds of earl Hugh 15 carucates of land in Cogeworde (Kegworth). To this manor belong 3 carucates of land in Avederne (Hathern) and Dixleia (Dishley). There are 20 acres of meadow. Woodland 1 1/2 furlongs in length and 1 furlong in breadth. N.B.-This is the only entry referring to Hathern.

Ibid. p. 350. The Leicestershire Survey of 1124-1129. Hundred of Diseworth. In Haythirn, 9 carucates.

Ibid. p. 349. Hundred of Loughborough. In Hautirna there is half a hide.

Fine. Easter, 2 Henry III. 1218. Between Eleanor, who was the wife of Robert de Haia, plaintiff, and Brother Gervase, master of the hospital of St. John of Leicester, defendant, by Amfrid de Medburn, his attorney, of a virgate of land and a toft in Humberstan, which Eleanor claims as a reasonable portion of her dower of the gift of the said Robert, formerly her husband, in the said vill. Eleanor quitclaimed the premises to the defendant in return for a rent of 3s. yearly during her life.

Fine. The same date. Between Eleanor, who was the wife of Robert de Haia, plaintiff, and Alexander de Witebi, defendant of a third part of 11 virgates of land, etc., in Hawetburn of the dower of Eleanor. Alexander gave 20s. yearly rent to Eleanor for her life, and Eleanor quitted claim to the premises.

Fine. Trinity, 3 Henry III. 1219. Between Stephen de Segrave, plaintiff, and Henry de Nasford and Matilda, his wife, defendants of 10 1/2 virgates of land in Hauethurn. Stephen gave the defendants 3 silver marks and a yearly rent of one hawk of 2s. at the feast of St. Peter ad vincula for a quitclaim of the premises.

Fine. Mich., 25 Henry III. 1241. Between Robert, bishop of Lincoln, plaintiff, and Roger de Quency, earl of Winchester, defendant, by Henry Anlepe, his attorney, of a knight’s fee in Kniteton in the suburbs of Leicester. Whence the bishop complains that the earl deforced him of the homage and relief due after the death of Margaret, countess of Winchester, and of the aid for marrying the king’s sister, to his damage of 30 marks. Whence a plea was summoned between them in the same court, that is to say, that the bishop remised and quitclaimed for himself and his successors to the said earl and his heirs all his right and claim which he had in the aforesaid knight’s fee, and all the right and claim which he had to the homage and service of the said earl and his heirs for ever, and likewise all the damages which he said he had sustained on the said occasion. And for this acknowledgment the earl gave the bishop the homage and service of Robert de Haya and his heirs, for one knight’s fee in Hawetherne, which the said Robert formerly held of the earl, as in reliefs, wards, escheats, and other things pertaining to the said knight’s fee, to hold to the bishop and his successors and his church of Lincoln for ever.

Assize Roll 37. Mich., 26 Henry III, 1242, m. 12, Leyc. Alice, who was the wife of Roger le Hunte, v. Roger de Quency, earl of Winchester, in a plea of a third part of 6 virgates of land in Hathethurn and v. the abbot of Gerwedon in a plea of a third part of a virgate of land, in the same, and a third part of 3 acres in Kirby and v. John le Hunte a third part of a virgate in Kirby and v. Roger of Essex a third part of 3 virgates, except a quarter virgate, in Kirby and v. the same Roger of a third part of 40 acres of wood in Kirby; and v. Alice of Kerby in a plea of a third part of half a virgate in Kirby, as dower. The land is ordered to be taken into the king’s hand, and a day given. On Curia Regis Roll 126. Hilary, 27 Henry III, 1243, m. 24 d. The abbot came and called to warrant Robert, son and heir of the same Roger, who is under age, and in the custody of the same Alice. Therefore Alice was ordered to have the heir here on this day to warrant. And Alice came and said that she had the custody through the king, and that Roger formerly her husband, held of the fee of the earl of Winchester 6 virgates of land in Hawthern, of which the said earl had the custody, and he held of the king’s fee 3 virgates only of land, in Hawthern, which she has in custody, together with the heir, through the king. And because it is witnessed that the said Roger, formerly her husband, died seised of the said land with the appurtenances as of fee, it is adjudged that Alice have of the land of the said Roger in the said vill of Hathern of the said earl’s fee to the value of two parts of her said dower, and of the king’s fee to the value of one third part of her dower. And let the abbot hold in peace.

Curia Regis Roll 124. Mich., 26/7 Henry III, 1242, m. 19 d. Leyc. Alice who was the wife of Roger le Hunte v. Alice who was the wife of William, son of Geoffrey, in a plea of a third of half a virgate in Kereby; and v. Richard Aylnoth in a plea of a third of a virgate of land in Hathern ; and v. Richard, son of Mabel, in a plea of a third of a virgate in Hathern. Richard and Richard are villeins, and hold the said land in villeinage of a certain Matthew le Venur. Alice cannot gainsay this. Therefore the defendants are without a day, and Alice may acquire a writ against Matthew le Venur if she wishes.

Cal Close Rolls 1242-1247, p. 95. 19 April, 1243. Since the king learns that by an inquisition that he caused to be made, one virgate of land with appurtenances in Hathern, co. Leicester, which William Slenge, who was hanged for robbery, held, has been in the king’s land for a year and a day, and that he held that land of William de Pecco, the sheriff of co. Leicester is commanded to cause William de Pecco to have full seisin of the said virgate of land.

Inquisition p.m. Matthew le Venur alias le Venour. File 17/14. Vol 1, p. 91. Writ to the sheriff of co. Leicester, 26 June, 39 Henry III. 1255. The jury say that Matthew died seised in Hauthirne of 10 1/2 virgates of land, held of the earl of Winchester, and 12s. rent of the land of Robert le Venour and Roger, his son, service unspecified. He also held a mill in Ratby of the earl of Winchester, service unspecified. And 3 virgates of land, 15 acres of assarts, and 4 cottages in Kirby in demesne, and 6s. 1d, rent, held of the king in chief by knight service, namely, 2s. for each virgate when the scutage is at 40s. ; and 12d. rent held of the fee of the earl of Leicester. And 3s. rent from a virgate of land in Watton. And 4s. 9d. rent from William de Sadington and Roger de Craunford in Leicester. Robert, his son, is his heir, and aged 28 years. The lands, etc., held of the king have come into the hand of the escheator, and the rest into those of the lords of whom they were held. William de Keleby, the escheator, holds those held of the king, and John de Crunfor those held of the earl of Winchester.

Hastings MSS. Robert Venator, of Kirby, has given and by this his charter has confirmed to John, his son, for his homage, half a virgate of land in Hathern, to wit, that land which Richard, son of Roald, holds of him. To hold to John, son of Robert, and his heirs by rendering yearly to Robert and his heirs one arrow shaft at Christmas for all service; and further half a virgate in Kirby, which Robert holds of Ivo Lepore, and which, was of the marriage portion of Robert’s mother, rendering yearly to Robert and his heirs one silver penny. Witnesses, Thomas the chaplain of Ratby, Robert Pakeman, Mael of Kirby, Simon the clerk, Waren Lepore, Gilbert Lardiner, Gilbert Pakeman, Hugh the clerk of Ratby, Richard his brother, and others.

Inquisition p.m. Robert le Venour. File 22/13, vol. 1, p. 120. Taken on the morrow of the Decollation of St. John, 43 Henry III. 1259. The jury say that Robert held in Hauthyrne 5 virgates of land, of which his villeins hold 3 and render 27s. and 3 hens yearly; and free tenants hold 2, of which l 1/2 virgates render 12s. to Roger, son of Matthew Venator, for hunting, and Robert le Venur renders one arrow for one bovate to the said Robert, deceased. These five virgates of land are of the fee of the earl of Winchester, and in his seisin. He also held 2 virgates, 1/2 bovate of land in Kerby, held in demesne of the king in chief by foreign service, namely, by going for 40 days at his own charges if the king shall go to Wales, and afterwards at the charge of the king, of which one virgate is held of Robert by Roger, son of William, for 1d. rent; one toft held by Robert Venator for 2d.; and one toft held by Gervase le Messer for 2s. yearly. His two daughters, (names not given) aged 5 and 3 respectively, are his heirs.

Assize Roll 954. Trinity, 46 Henry III, 1262, m. 46, Leyc. Derby. Nicholas de Segrave v. Ralph de Prestwold in a plea that he warrant him a virgate and two parts of a virgate and 3 acres of land in Hathern which Robert de la Haye claims.

Inquisition p.m. Roger de Quency, earl of Winchester. Files 31/2 and 40/9. Vol. 1, pp. 89, 257. 1264. The jury say that Roger died seised of half a knight’s fee in Houtton and Hautherne, held under him by Simon Mallore and Hugh Nanetel, which Eleanor de Waus, countess of Winchester, the earl’s relict, has, inter alia, as dower. The earl died on the feast of’ St. Mark (25 April) 48 Henry III

Coram Rege Roll 3. Hilary, 1 Edward I, 1273, m. 2, Leyc. Nicholas de Rudeburn v. Ralph le Levere, of Kirby, William de Roteby and William le serjeant, of Berleston, in a plea that they render him Agnes de Kerby, the daughter and heir of Robert le Venur, who held of king Henry III in chief, whose custody belongs to Nicholas by reason of a grant which Alice, who was the wife of Robert le Venur, who bought that custody from king Henry III, made to the said Nicholas.

De Banco Roll 51. Mich., 12 Edward I, 1283, m. 99 d. Leyc. Thomas de Stapelton v. Robert, son of Simon de Stapelton, in a plea of 5 virgates of land in Walton and Hautherne.

Cal. Close Rolls 1288-1296, p. 195. 21 March, 1291. John le Venur, of Hautherne, acknowledges that he owes to Richard de Lucteburgh, parson of the church of Lucteburgh, £200; to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in co. Leicester.

Inquisition p.m. Edmund, the king’s brother, earl of Lancaster. File 81, vol iii, p. 319. 1299. Extent of knight’s fees. The jury say that Edmund died seised of a twentieth part of a knight’s fee in Hauthern, held by Hugh le Despenser, doing scutage and suit of court.

Assize Roll 1325. 30 Edward I. At Leicester on Thursday after St. Hilary, 1302, m. 48, Leyc. The assize came to recognise whether Richard de Hotoft, of Humberston, Richard le Wodeward, William Julian, Henry Levye, and John son of Robert of Hatherne, unjustly disseised Eleanor la Mareschalle of Stapelton, of her free tenement in Hatherne, to wit, one virgate of land except two acres, and 3 roods of meadow. Robert de Hotoft answers as tenant and says that a certain Robert de Hauthirne held the aforesaid tenements, and died without issue, and he was a bastard. After whose death the tenements came into the hands of Robert de Hotoft as his escheat, as was lawful, and without disseisin. The jury say that Robert de Hautherne, long before his death, enfeoffed the said Eleanor in those tenements, and she held them until the said defendants disseised her. Therefore Eleanor recovered her seisin.

De Banco Roll 173. Mich., 2 Edward II, 1308, m. 20, Leyc. Amabil, who was the wife of Hugh Burdet, by William of Stok, her attorney, demands against Richard of Lughteburgh and Joan the daughter of John le Venur, two messuages, a mill and 2 carucates of land in Shepey magna, as her right by a writ of entry. The defendants ask to see the title. A day is given them in the octaves of St. Hilary.

Fine. Mich., 2 Edward II. 1308. Between Thomas Bertevill, of Lughteburgh, plaintiff, and John le Hunte, of Hautherne, defendant of 2 messuages 2 virgates of land and a third part of a messuage in Hautherne, which Richard Brian and Elena, his wife, hold as dower of Elena, of the inheritance of the said John le Hunte. Right of Thomas, who gave John 20 silver marks.

De Banco Roll 229. Easter, 12 Edward II, 1319, m. 25 d. Leyc. The sheriff was ordered to distrain Joan, who was the wife of Robert de Hotoft, by all her lands and have her here on this day to recognise what claim she has in a third part of 2 messuages, 14 tofts, 2 mills, 29 virgates of land and 6 marks of rent in Humberston, Leicester, Thurmaston and Hathern, which Nicholas de Temple, clerk, in court here granted to Hamo de Hotoft and Eleanor, his wife, by a fine. She did not appear.

De Banco Roll 250. Hilary, 17 Edward II, 1324, m. 121 d. Leyc. Alice, who was the wife of Stephen Rabaz, v. Agnes, who was the wife of Henry Ate, in a plea that she demands a third part of 3 messuages, a carucate of land, 30 acres of meadow, 60 acres of wood and 60 acres of pasture and 10 marks rent in Hathern, as dower. The land is to be taken into the king’s hand.

Lay Subsidy 133-2. 6 Edward III. 1332.


John atte Hegge                     3s.

Robert de Bowes                     5s.

Robert son of Peter                 2s. 4d.

John Lemis                              3s. 6d.

Richard Saxi                           20d.

Agnes Ase                               3s.

William Annot                           2s.

William ad aulam                     2s.

Thomas Kyng                           3s.

William Mareschal                   3s.

Isolda Cop                              3s.

Robert Stort                           3s.

Ralph Hemery                         3s.

Robert Mareschal                   3s.

John Cade                                3s.

William de Bonyngton            5s.

William Carpenter                  3s. 6d.

Agnes on the grene                 3s.

Matilda Hauk                         3s.

Hewysia de Hatherne             3s.

Richard Make                          5s.

John Aubrey                            2s. 9d.

Matilda ad aulam                    20d.

John de Groby                         4s.

Roger Nauntel                         5s.

Simon son of Christiana          2s.

Roger Laurence                      2s.

Roger Make                             2s. 6d.

Roger Page                              2s. 3d.

William Annot                         16d.

Robert son of Robert             3s. 6d.

Sum £4 13s. 0d.

Fine. Easter, 9 Edward III. 1335. Between Robert Bowes and Alice, his wife, plaintiffs, and Robert de Kegworth and Robert Mille, chaplain, defendants of two virgates of land in Hauthern.

De Banco Roll 378. Trinity, 28 Edward III, 1354, m. 82 d. Leyc. John Nauntel, of Hathern, v. John de Stanforde in a plea of damage done to his herbage at Hathern to the value of 100s.

De Banco Roll 390. Easter, 31 Edward III, 1357, m. 134 d. Leyc. Walter de Mauny and Margaret, his wife, v. Robert Bertram, chivaler, and Blanche, his wife, in a plea of a third part of the manors of Dyseworth and Hathern, as dower of Margaret, of the gift of John de Segrave, formerly her husband. And Robert and Blanche say that John de Segrave gave the premises to Blanche, by the name of Blanche, who was the wife of John de Segrave, his son, by a charter, to hold to Blanche for her life, rendering therefor one rose flower yearly at the Nativity of St. John Baptist. Robert and Blanche further called to warrant John, the son of John de Moubray, and Elisabeth, his wife, the daughter and heir of the said John de Segrave. Let them have them here by the aid of the court.

De Banco Roll 415. Trinity, 37 Edward III, 1363, m. 151, Leyc. The prioress of Langley v. John de Horsele, parson of the church of Hauthern, in a plea of 40s.

Fine. Octaves of Hilary, 36 Edward III. 1362. Between William Chaumberleyn and Agnes, his wife, plaintiffs, and Robert de Stapilforde, chaplain, defendant of 14 messuages, 1 1/2 carucates, 1 virgate of land, and 10 acres of meadow in Whatton, Hathern, Shepeshead and Thorp Hankere, and of the bailiwick of Wynton. The premises are declared to be the right of Robert, and for this acknowledgement Robert granted them to William and Agnes and their issue, in default to the heirs of Agnes for ever.

Cal. Close Rolls 1374-1377, p. 162. 24 Oct., 1375. Order to the escheator in co. Lincoln, to deliver in dower to Margaret, who was the wife of Henry de Beaumont, tenant in chief, inter alia, the fourth part of one knight’s fee in Hatherne held by John Nauntell at 25s. yearly.

Lay Subsidy 133-26. 1377. Poll Tax.  


John Nauntel and wife, 12d.                           From Agnes, maid of Roger Lay

Henry Fayrfeld and wife                                 Emma, maid of Roger Lay

William, his son                                               Henry Chambleyn and wife

John, his son                                                   John Patrye

Thomas Maloster and wife                             John Smyth and wife

Thomas Petymor and wife,                             John Elys and wife

18d.                                                                 John Bayly and wife

Joan Petymor                                                  Richard Wryght and wife

Alice, her daughter                                         Thomas Coupeland and wife

John Coupeland                                              Roger Conherd and wife

William Achehegges and wife                         Richard Shepherd and wife

Joan de Lenles                                                William Sybbesone

John Snowe and wife                                      Geoffrey Howod and wife

William Fowler                                                Walter Fyssh and wife

Henry Farfeld and wife                                   Robert Henton and wife

Thomas Ase and wife                                      Emma Webster

John Bedford and wife                                    William Raynald and wife

William Ase and wife                                      John atte Yate

John Robert and wife                                      Robert Botewaye and wife

Thomas Plomer and wife                                Ralph, his son

John atte Halle and wife                                 John Fowler and wife

Matilda, his daughter                                      John Nethurde and wife

John Chapman and wife                                 Robert Scauntel and wife

William Saxy and wife                                     Matilda Scauntel

Roger Smalley and wife                                  Robert Byrel

Robert Hemery and wife                                Richard Rose and wife

Robert Wryght and wife                                 Hugh Longe and wife

John de Grene and wife                                  John Swon and wife

Agnes Subbessone                                          Isabella Wortman

Cecilia, daughter of Thomas                           John Kyrkeby and wife

Robert Fowler                                                 John, his son

John Ibetsone and wife                                   John Wryght and wife

Thomas Marchal and wife                              Beatrice, his daughter

Ralph Plomer                                                  Henry Smyth and wife

Amice, his maid                                               Joan Plomer

Isabel Cade                                                     John Mabell and wife

William Page                                                   William Gurmele and wife

John Gurmeleye and wife                               John Page

Roger Lay                                                        Adam Lay and wife

Sum 31s. 6d

Tax 4d. per head, unless otherwise stated. Husband and wife were reckoned as one person.

De Banco Roll 521. Easter, 14 Richard II, 1391, m. 340 d. Leyc. Joan, who was the wife of Thomas Petymore, v. Thomas Outeby, of Hathern, in a plea of a third part of 7 messuages, 140 acres of land, 20 of meadow and £4 rent in Whatton, as dower, of the gift of Thomas Petymore, formerly her husband.

Ibid. m. 409, Leyc. The same Joan v. Thomas de Merdeleye, William Calf, Thomas Calf, John Calf and John Frankleyn, chaplain, in a plea of a third part of 14 messuages, 280 acres of land, 40 of meadow and £8 rent in Lughteburgh, Hathern and Whatton, as dower.

De Banco Roll 613. Easter, 2 Henry V, 1414, m. 284, Leyc. Walter Bulkyngton, parson of the church of Hathern, and William Thorpe, chaplain, v. John Loughtburgh, of Leicester, and Amice, his wife, late the wife of Thomas Wakefeld, of Leicester, and Richard Beby, of Leicester, in pleas of £20 each.

De Banco Roll 648. Hilary, 1 Henry VI, 1423, m. 222, Leyc. Richard Hotoft v. John Marchall, of Hathern, husbandman, in a plea of breaking Richard’s close at Hathern.

Fine. Mich., 34 Henry VI. 1455. Between Thomas Amys, chaplain, and Thomas Hotoft, esq., plaintiffs, and Richard Hotoft, esq., and Joan, his wife, defendants of the manor of Humberston and 40 messuages, 6 tofts, a mill, 39 virgates of land, etc., in Humberston, Leicester, Belgrave and Syston. The premises are entailed on Richard and Joan for their lives, the remainder to John Staunton and Joan, the daughter of the said Richard and Joan, and the joint issue of John Staunton and Joan.

Fine. The same date. Between John Staunton, esq., and Joan, the daughter of Richard Hotoft, and Joan his wife, plaintiffs, and Richard Hotoft and Joan, his wife, defendants of 7 messuages, a toft, a dovehouse, 20 virgates of land, 54 acres of meadow, 20 of pasture and 4s. 8d. rent in Hathern, Burstall and Thurmaston.

Close Roll. 12 Edward IV. 1472. Thomas Hotoft, brother and heir of Richard Hotoft, esq., releases to John Staunton, esq., all his right and claim in all the lands and tenements in Hathern, Burstall and Thurmaston, co. Leicester. These being witnesses, Robert Staunton, Thomas Staunton, William Brokesby, and others. Dated at Hathern on 10 April, 12 Edward IV.

De Banco Roll 853. Hilary, 14 Edward IV, 1475, m. 151, Leyc. John Kebell, Thomas Lacy and Mary, his wife, demand against John Staunton 2 messuages, 14 tofts, a mill and 29 virgates of land in Humberston, Leicester, Thurmaston and Hathern, which Nicholas Temple, clerk, gave to Hamo Hotoft and Eleanor, his wife, and the heirs of the bodies of Hamo and Eleanor, and which, after the deaths of Hamo and Eleanor, and of Robert the son of Hamo and Eleanor, and of Richard son and heir of the said Robert, and of Richard son and heir of the said Richard, and of Isolda the daughter of Richard, and of John son and heir of Isolda, and of Agnes, one of the daughters and heirs of John son of Isolda, to the said John Kebeell as son of Agnes, and to Mary the other daughter of John son of Isolda, as kinsman and heirs of Richard, son of Richard, son of Robert, son of Hamo and Eleanor, ought to descend by the form of the gift. John Staunton says that the said Richard, son of Robert, had issue Richard, and a certain Thomas, and died. Richard inherited and died, and Thomas overlived him, and died on Monday before Palm Sunday, 13 Edward IV, at Humberston

De Banco Roll 864. Mich., 17 Edward IV, 1477, m. 606, Leyc. Thomas Stanton, the younger, demands v. John Kebeell and Thomas Lacy and Mary, his wife, 5 virgates of land in Hathern as his right and inheritance by a writ of right, because Thomas Staunton, the elder, chief lord of that fee, had remitted his court to the king, and of which he said that he was seised in his demesne as of fee. The defendants come and call to warrant William Boteler. Thomas Staunton, the younger, asks leave to imparl, and recovered his seisin.

Early Chancery Proceedings 58/322. Between 1475 and 1485. Plaintiff, Jane Staunton, widow, who was the wife of John Staunton, esq., daughter of John Jones alias Gloucestre. Whereas the said Jane inherited from her father lands and tenements of the yearly value of £20 and more. Thomas Staunton, esq., the father of the said John, upon the marriage of the said John and Jane, granted and promised to make a sufficient estate in law of such lands and tenements which the said Thomas Staunton had in the towns of Stanford and Nomanton, co Notts., and in Hathern, co Leyc., to the said John and Jane for their lives, and also of the reversion of the manor of Sutton Bonyngton , co., Notts., to them and the heirs of their bodies. After the marriage John Staunton entreated your beseecher to sell to lord Stanley a place in London, and to other persons other lands and tenements in Kympton, co. Herts., and woods in Willesden, co Middlesex, for the which John received 450 marks, and also to levy a fine to Morgayne Kyewelly and Thomas Bebbeworthe of a messuage, 500 acres of land, 10 of meadow, 30 of wood and 26s. 8d. rent in Willesden and Hendon, co. Middlesex, and then the said John would purchase the lands late of Thomas Hotoft, namely, in Humberston and Stratford (sic) in co. Leicester, which were above the yearly value of 40 marks clear, the same lands to be to the use of John and Jane and their issue, and lands for Jane’s life to the value of £20 in the counties of Nottingham and Leicester ; yet so it is, that Thomas Staunton, esq., the brother to the said John, since the death of the said John, has entered on the lands late Hotoft’s, and sold the same to Thomas Kebeell for 400 marks, and would leave no penny to your beseecher. She prays therefore for subpoenas to be addressed to Thomas Staunton, the father, and to Thomas Staunton, the son, to appear in Chancery and make answer to these matters. N.B.-According to a deed preserved along the muniments belonging to the trustees of Wiggeston’s hospital at Leicester, the two sons of Thomas Staunton, the father, John Staunton and Thomas Staunton married, but died without issue, the father Thomas Staunton outliving both his sons. Alice, the relict of Thomas Staunton, the son, had by her husband in jointure and dower, certain lands in Hathern and long Whatton, co. Leicester, and in Normanton and Skeryngton, co. Notts., and the said Alice, after the death of Thomas Staunton, the son, was married to one Persall, and after his death to one Savage, her last husband, and she died seised of the aforesaid lands as jointure, and then the lands of Thomas Staunton, the father, descended to his three daughters and co-heirs, viz., Elisabeth married to William Hazlerigg, of Noseley; Margaret married to John Wylys and Katherine married to John Turvill, of Normanton Turvill, co. Leicester.

Leicester Probate Registry. Will of Ralph Kyghley, of Hathern, dated 14 June, 1514. To be buried in the churchyard of SS. Peter and Paul of Hathern. Syssele, his wife to be his executrix. Witnesses, Sir Edward Fyssher and William Kyghley.

De Banco Roll 906. Mich., 4 Henry VII, 1488, m. 356, Leyc. Thomas Entwysell, John Turvyle, John Wylys, William Bolt and John Savage were summoned to answer William Kyghley in a plea of taking an ox of William‘s at Hathern in a place called Kyghley yerd on Friday before the feast of the Nativity of the Lord, 2 Henry VII, 1486. The defendants admit the taking of the ox, and rightly too, for they say that long before, a certain Thomas de Merdeley was seised of a messuage called le Kyln house and a croft adjoining, and 6 acres of pasture in Hathern, and gave them amongst other things to Thomas Staunton, son of Robert Staunton, knight, and to Elisabeth, his wife, who were thereof seised, and had issue a certain Thomas Staunton, who had issue certain Elisabeth, Margaret and Katherine, which Elisabeth long before the date, took to husband the said Thomas Entwysell; Margaret took to husband John Wylys, and Katherine married John Turvyle. Afterwards Thomas Staunton (the elder) died, and Elisabeth his wife survived him, and was thereof seised, and died. After whose death the premises descended to the aforesaid Thomas Staunton, the son of Elisabeth, as son and heir, who also was thereof seised, and died before the date, and whose property descended to Elisabeth the wife of the said Thomas Entwysell, Margaret and Katherine as daughters and heirs, who entered, and took and impounded that ox who was dispasturing their herbage, as was well lawful for them to do. And this they are prepared to verify, and they ask for judgment. William Kyghley denies the seisin.

Ibid. m. 441, Leyc. The same defendants were summoned to answer William Averner in a plea of damage in Hathern, in a place called Averner yerd.

Barrow Hospital Trustees MSS. Know present and to come that I, Robert Chamberlayn, son and heir of John Chamberlayn, late of Hathern, have given and by this my charter have confirmed to Nicholas Hurt, of Beaumanor, and Isolda, his wife, any messuage in Hathern, in which William Kyghley now dwells, and 3 1/2 virgates of land adjoining in Hathern, with all meadow, pasture, etc., which messuage descended to me by hereditary right after the death of John, my father. To hold to Nicholas and Isolda and the heirs of Nicholas for ever. These being witnesses, Thurstan Sale, John Lawrence and William Bukerfeld, of Hathern, John Chaplin, of Shepshed, and others. Dated Hathern on 20 Oct., 18 Henry VII, 1502.

Hastings’ MSS. Charter by which John Auntell, son and heir of Richard Auntell, deceased, grants to Thomas Marchall, Ralph Lemyngton and Richard Shylton all his messuages, lands rents, services and hereditaments in Hathern. co. Leic., to hold to Thomas, Ralph and Richard of the chief lords of the fee by the right and accustomed service for ever. Dated 4 August, 19 Henry VII, 1504.

Fine. Mich., 22 Henry VII. 1506. Between Thomas Marchall, Ralph Lemyngton and Richard Shelton, plaintiffs, and William Auntell, citizen and founder of London, brother and heir of John Auntel, son and heir of Richard Auntell, defendant of 3 messuages, 140 acres of land, 40 of meadow, 70 of pasture, etc., in Hathern.

De Banco Roll 979. Hilary, 22 Henry VII, 1507, m. 352, Midd. John Alee, of Loughteburgh, co Leic., gent., was summoned to answer Charles Bothe, clerk, and Edmund Bothe, clerk, alias Edward Bothe, rector of the parish church of Hathern, in a plea of 20 marks due on a bond dated 4 April, 19 Henry VII.

Leicester Probate Registry. Will of Robert Shakyspere, of Hathern, also called Emerson, dated 4 July, 1516. Proved 16 Sept., 1516. My body to be buried in the church of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Hathern, in St. Katherine’s quire, afore the image of St. Nicholas. My best beast for my principal after the custom and right of holy church. To the church of Lincoln 4d. To Hathern church 2s. 8d., and to the high altar for tithes neglected and offerings 12d. To the church of Long Whatton a torch of 2s. 8d., and the same to the churches of Dyxley, Stanford, Normanton on Sore and Hoton. To the church of Hathern 6s. 8d. for breaking the ground as my body shall lie. To John Shakyspere 6s. 8d. kine and sheep. To William Shakyspere, my servant, 3s. 4d. Wife Alice, etc.

Common Pleas Plea Roll 1033. Trinity, 13 Henry VIII, 1521, m. 193 d. Leyc. Thomas Whatton, of Long Whatton, gent., was summoned to answer Thomas Barton and Alice, his wife, and John Barwell, executors of the will of Robert Shakyspere, of Hathern, husbandman, in a plea of £4 due on a bond dated 10 March, 7 Henry VIII, 1516, at Hathern.

Lay Subsidy 133-116. 16 Henry VIII. 15240


Rauff Hatherley                                   £7 tax 3s. 6d.

Thomas Marchall                                £10 tax 5s.

 John Kyghley                                      £8 tax 4s.

Henry Kyghley                                     £10 tax 5s.

Thomas Blawyn                                   £7 tax 3s. 6d.

William Esquire                                   £4 tax 2s.

Robert Milner                                     £5 tax 2s. 6d.

Alys Warde                                          40s. tax 12d.

Ric. Hopkynsone                                 40s. tax 12d.

Thos. Fysshuepole                              40s. tax 12d.

Robert Skevall                                     40s. tax 12d.

Thomas Eyton                                     50s. tax 15d.

John Crosse                                         40s. tax 12d.

Robert Bower                                      £10 13s. 4d. tax 5s. 4d.

Thomas Praytte                                   £3 6s. 8d. tax 3s. 6d.

Sum 38s. 9d.

Common Pleas Plea Roll 1047. Easter, 17 Henry VIII, 1525, m. 388 d. Warr. Alice Shakspeyr, widow, alias my wife, alias Alice Eymerson, and John Barwell, executors of the will of Robert Shakyspeyr or Emerson, of Hathern, v. Thomas Whatton, of Long Whatton, co. Leic., gent., in a plea of £4.

Common Pleas Plea Roll 1063. Mich., 21 Henry VIII, 1529, m. 537, Leyc. Roger Wygston., esq., Thomas Wygston, clerk, Robert Harwar and George Gillot, merchants of the Staple of Calais, by William Faunte, their attorney, demand v. Thomas Hasilrigge, esq., 3 messuages, 200 acres of land, 40 of meadow, 60 of pasture and 20 of wood in Hathern, and a third part of 8 messuages, 4 tofts, 2 cottages, 270 acres of land, 70 of meadow, 130 of pasture, 30 of wood and 2s. 6d. rent in Hathern, Bredon, Barowe hylls and Tonge.

Inquisition p.m. John Bothe. Taken at Lutterworth on 24 Oct., 22 Henry VIII. 1530. The jury say that a certain William Bothe, the grandfather of John in this writ named, whose heir John is, namely, son and heir of Henry Bothe, son of William Bothe, while he was living, was seised in his demesne as of fee of 5 messuages and 5 bovates of land, 40 acres of meadow, 100 of pasture, 5 of wood and a cottage in Hathern, also of a free rent of 3s. in Whatton, and a messuage in Loughborough. And, so seised, by his indenture dated 10 October, 23 Henry VII, 1507, he gave the above to John Montgomery, kt., John Sacheverell and Thomas Fyndern, now dead, and certain Richard Sacheverell and Henry Sacheverell, knights, German Poole, John Port, kt., Ralph Bonyngton and Ralph Sacheverell, esquires, still living, to hold as trustees to the use of John Bothe and Joan, his wife, one of the daughters of the said Henry Sacheverell, knight, and the issue of John Bothe, in default to the use of William Bothe and his heirs.

John Bothe was also seised of the manor of Knightthorpe, otherwise called Bothethorpe and 100 acres of land, 50 of meadow, 100 of pasture, 60 of wood and 2s. rent in Knightthorpe. And, so seised, on 6 March, 8 Henry VIII, 1517, he enfeoffed Henry Sacheverell, kt., Ralph Sacheverell, esq., and Ralph Shaa, now living, and John Hodgkinson, clerk, and Robert Lichefeld, now dead, to hold as trustees to the use of the said John Bothe and Joan, his wife, and the longer liver of them, and them to the right heirs of the said John Bothe. The property was all held of Elisabeth, countess of Oxford, as of her manor of Loughborough, but by what service the jury is unaware. John Bothe died on 8 July, 22 Henry VIII, 1530. Henry Bothe is his son and heir and aged 10 years.

Inquisition p.m. Robert Hasylrygge. File 58/45. Series ii. Of Donington park co. Leicester. Taken on 14 Sept., 28 Henry VIII, 1536. The jury say that long before his death Robert was seised in his demesne as of fee of 2 cottages, a messuage, 15 acres of land, 7 roods of meadow and 20 acres of pasture in Hathern, held of the king by a rent of 6d. yearly. Robert made his will on 26 Jan., 1534, desiring to be buried in the parish church of Donyngton, in the quire of the north side, by Eleanor his wife. He willed that Hugh, his son, during his life, keep an obit for him and Eleanor, his late wife, from the land in Hathern to the value of 17s. yearly. Robert Hasylygge died on 26 March, 1536. Hugh Hasylrygge is his son and heir and aged 28 years. N.B.- Hugh’s wife was Joan, daughter of Thomas Harvy.

State Papers. Henry VIII. Folio S. nos. 54-56. Musters. Bylmen - Rauf Marshall, horse and harnes. Robert Gelley, Rauf Chawner, Thomas Odawke, George Fynem, Thomas Pratt, William Hollad, William Skyrrall, John Hopkynson, William Sawney and Roger Persons. Bylmen - 11. This town is charged with harnes for 2 men, a bowe man and a bylman.

Inquisition p.m. Ralph Marshall. Series ii, 66/28. Taken at Market Bosworth co. Leic., on 27 Nov., 34 Henry VIII. 1542. The jury say that Ralph died seised of 3 messuages, 6 virgates of land, 10 acres of meadow and 25 of pasture in Hathern, held of Henry, marquis of Dorset, as of his manor of Shepeshed, by service of a fourth part of a knight’s fee, and worth 66s. 8d. Ralph also held hands and cottages in Barrow and Rothley. Ralph Marshall died on 10 May last. Thomas Marshall is his son and heir and aged 16 years.

Fine. Easter, 34 Henry VIII. 1543. Between John Beaumont, plaintiff, and Henry Bothe, defendant of the manor of Bothethorpe and 20 messuages, 20 tofts, a mill, a dovehouse, 10 gardens, 50 acres of land, 100 of meadow, 200 of pasture, 20 of wood, 100 of furze and heath and £10 rent in Bothethorpe, Knighthorpe, Serlethorp, Quarndon, Mountsorrell, Loughborough and Hathern. The defendant granted the above property, together with the premises which Richard Wakerley and Joan, his wife, hold for the life of Joan, of the inheritance of Henry Bothe, to the plaintiff.

Fine. Easter, 36 Henry VIII. 1544. Between Robert Pachett, William Gillott, Walter Browne and Thomas Day, clerke, plaintiffs, and William Wygston, esq, and Elisabeth, his wife, defendants of 4 messuages, 1 cottage, 5 gardens, 4 barns, 140 acres of land, 30 of meadow, 40 of pasture and 16 of wood in Hathern, Bredon and Barrohyll. The premises are declared to be the right of William Gillott.

Common Pleas Plea Roll 1130. Mich., 38 Henry VIII, 1546, m. 245, Leyc. Thomas Scarvyng, gent., gives 10s. for licence to agree with Thomas Marshall, gent., in a plea of covenant of a messuage, orchard, garden, 200 acres of land, 24 of meadow, 60 of pasture and 10 of wood in Hathern and common of pasture in the forest of Charnwood.

Common Pleas Plea Roll 1135. Hilary, 1/2 Edward VI, 1548, m. 251, Not. Francis Kebell, esq., v. Robert Edmondson, of Hathern, co. Leic., yeoman, in a plea of £11.

Fine. Mich., 3 Edward VI. 1549. Between John Boar, plaintiff, and Richard Sherard, gent., defendant of 2 cottages, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 6 acres of land, 2 of pasture and 1 of meadow in Hathern. The plaintiff gave the defendant £40.

Fine. Easter, 1 Mary. 1554. Between Thomas Palmer, plaintiff, and George Turvyle, esq., defendant of 2 messuages, 4 tofts, 200 acres of land, 40 of meadow, 140 of pasture and 100 of furze and heath in Hathern.

Fine. Mich., Philip and Mary. 1554. Between the lord the king and the lady the queen, plaintiffs, and Richard Wakerley and Joan, his wife, defendants of the manors of Loughborough, Hathern and Knightthorpe and 20 messuages, 20 cottages, 20 tofts, 20 gardens, 300 acres of land, 100 of meadow, 200 of pasture, 40 of wood, 500 of furze and heath and £10 rent in Loughborough, Hathern and Knightthorpe. The plaintiffs gave the defendants £600.

Lay Subsidy 134-205. 13 Elisabeth. 1571.


Thomas Donan, in goods        £3 tax 5s.

Raffe Challnor in goods           £4 tax 6s. 8d.

Amyce Hall in goods               £3 tax 5s.

Robert Heatherleye in goods £3 tax 5s.

John Bower in land                 £3 tax

Inquisition p.m. Edward Hoult. Series ii, 400/22. Taken at Leicester on 24 April, 21 James I. 1623. The jury say that Edward Hoult was seised in his demesne as of fee of 8 messuages, 7 cottages and 22 1/2 virgates of land, meadow and pasture in Hathern, parcel of the possessions late of John Beaumont, esq., deceased. Also of another virgate of land, meadow and pasture in Hathern. Edward Hoult died on 21 March, 18 James I, 1621. Michael Hoult, gent., is his son and heir and aged 24 years and more.

Lay Subsidy 134-306. 17 Charles I. 1 April, 1641.


Simon Walmesley, in goods

Anthony Croson in goods

Edward Carver in goods

Edward Parsons, in lands

Thomas Chawner in lands

Richard Palmer in lands

Edward Heatherley in lands The amounts are not decipherable.

Lay Subsidy 251/9. 18 Charles II. Lady-day, 1666. Hearth Tax.

George Gudridge 1 hearth

Thomas Bole 1 hearth

Mr. Thomas Wamsley 4 hearths

Edward Parsons 2 hearths

Thomas Greene 1 hearth Thomas Berrison 1 hearth

Robert Chawner 1 hearth

Ralph Hartshorne 3 hearths

William Fowlland 1 hearth

William Cocke 2 hearths

John Bole 1 hearth

Anthony Croson 2 hearths

Widow Steevenson 2 hearths

Thomas West 1 hearth

Thomas Howett 1 hearth

Thomas Harriman 1 hearth

Robert Farmer 3 hearths

Edward Hatherley 2 hearths

George Berrison 1 hearth

Robert Mills 1 hearth

Thomas Bowyer 2 hearths

Thomas Eaton 1 hearth

Thomas Ward 2 hearths

Thomas King 1 hearth

John Throne 2 hearths

Thomas Chauncer 1 hearth

Gilbert Jerome 2 hearths

William Hartshorne 2 hearths

 Joan Sowter, widow, 1 hearth

Richard Parsons 2 hearths

Thomas Keighley 1 hearth

Robert Kighley 1 hearth

Mr. Thomas Alsope, clerk 4 hearths

William Howitt 1 hearth

Francis Exon 2 hearths

John Savidge 2 hearths

Robert Bibridge 1 hearth

William Chauner 1 hearth

George Goodman 1 hearth

Gabriel West 1 hearth

Robert Peale 2 hearths

Thomas Bush 1 hearth

Nicholas Low

Nathaniel Palmer 2 hearths

William Chauner 3 hearths

Thomas Billington 2 hearths

Gabriel Bole, jun. 1 hearth

Thomas Thomlinson 1 hearth


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