oakley cottage 001st joseph placemarker savage 001On the Garendon estate at the turn of the C19th the role of the gamekeeper was very important. At that time the two of the keepers - Henry ('Harry') Savage and Mr. Buckthorne lived in the two cottages that then comprised Oakley Wood Cottage on the Hathern Road leading to Shepshed. Here you can see Harry's gamekeeper records.The picture of Saint Joseph is a placemaker found in the book (the De Lisles were converts to Roman Catholicism). The record covers the results of shoots from 1895 to 1900 listing where on the estate the shoots occurred and the number of each type of game that was shot e.g . 'Ph' (pheasant). 'Par' (partridge). The main locations mentioned for the shoots are Dishley, Garendon, Longcliffe, Oakley Wood, Piper Wood, and Hollywell Wood. Below you can see a map of the estate and its surrounds from c.1900 and two pictures of shooting parties from the early 1900s both containing pictures of Harry Savage. For a list of participants look in the 'outside the village' gallery. 1895 1900 map inc garendon 

garendon tenants shoot 1902 or 1904 001tenants shoot early 1900s 001

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