tollington aviary monochrome

MR. S. H. TOLLINGTONS APIARY, HATHERN. The picture above (which is also in the Work Gallery) and Samuel’s report below are taken from Flickr.

"I possessed only a couple of Wells' hives, and from the two I only got 128 lb. altogether. Should I now desire any increase, I make up stocks either from nuclei or by artificial swarming. We have no demand here for comb-honey in sections, all buyers preferring extracted honey. I make it a rule not to take any honey at all from brood chambers, but this year I had to make an exception, as two of my 'Wells' hives were overstocked with honey, so that I therefore appropriated four frames of honey out of each. All honey stored above excluders I commandeer, for I find the bees generally keep enough below for their own use. The chief forage of our district is fruit trees, large crops of dandelion, besides a little trefoil and white clover. This year the bees scarcely gathered any hives from being depopulated without using a gun. Sometimes robber-bees are very troublesome, partly owing to my having to open entrances to full width in summer, as the apiary faces south with a high wall at back; the effect of all this being that the high temperature necessitates wide entrances. "The three persons seen in the picture (which was taken without preparation and at a minute's notice) are:— On the right, my uncle, who occasionally wields the smoker when wanted, but much prefers to keep at a distance from the bees; on the left stands my mother, who takes the chief share in managing the honey department of the apiary ; and the figure in centre is myself. I conclude by hoping that 1902 will be a still more prosperous season for the craft than 1901. "


The following household from the 1901 census is in Victoria terrace, Narrow Lane

 Anne Warren  Head  Widow  51  Seamer of hosiery at home 
 Bernard Warren Son  Single 23 Terracotta model maker
 Everard Warren Son Single 16  Terracotta model maker
 Daisey Warren Daughter  Single 15  Wool griswold knitter
 Samuel H. Tollington  Son Single 30 Tobacconist
 Stephen Roberts Boarder   Single 26  Terracotta model maker

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