history society 1986 001Hathern Local History Society was formed in 1980 to record and preserve the history of the village. The Society has a collection of more than 700 photographs depicting the village and its people over the last 130 years. We have many accounts of life in the village, gained from interviews with life-long Hathern residents. If you want to hear what a real Hatherner sounds like then tune in to this 1950s recording made by the British Library of Yarker Hunt who lived on The Green. The Society has published several books about the village's history, containing stories and   photographs, with total sales of more than 3500. The books still in print are “Old Hathern in Pictures”, "Hathern Remembered” and “Hathern at War" and the latest, "A Walk Round Hathern".   These can be obtained from Hathern Post Office, price £5. Books no longer in print are "Further Pictures of Old Hathern" and "A Look Back at Hathern" though all the pictures from those books are in the gallery on this website. 

Two audio-visual   presentations have been produced, using projected images, graphics and recorded commentry from local people: "Domesday+900", in line with the national initiative to record life in Britain during 1986 and "This is   Hathern", showing life in Hathern over the last century, comparing the village in bygone times to the present day. These productions have been shown many times in the village, and have always attracted large audiences. 

In 2014 the History Society published  “A walk round Hathern”, a booklet describing some of the more interesting buildings in the village. Also now completed and first shown in 2018 is  “Hathern in 2012”, an audio-visual presentation village activities.  An ongoing proerct is about framework knitting aiming to identify and photograph all the remaining framework knitting shops in the village. The Society normally meets  on the third Thursday of the month at 7pm (current venue is The Anchor), and we welcome new members. Recently a member of the society worked with other volunteers on the "Charnwood Roots" project part of a nationwide initiative to record the history of all towns and villages in England. This is now complete and material collected for Hathern and nearby villages will be put online. In 2017 the Society took part in the Heritage Festival at Beaumanor Hall, displaying the information about the enclosure of fields in 1778. Following this The enclosure display was for a while shown at Hathern Library. In 2018, this display was repeated in the Church, along with a rates map of 1824 which remarkably showed the exact residence of all householders. Also displayed was a framework knitting machine from the early 1800s, found in bits in  Hathern's own hosiery factory (J.Alex Swift) and now returned there following restoration aided by the Ruddington framework knitting museum.  

 Contact: Terry Cox  01509 843107, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any society member for general enquiries. For specific questions about, or contributions to, the website, please contact Anthony White 01509 829579 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We are continuing to collect information of any sort about the history of the village so if have any old photos or house deeds or indeed any interesting stories we will be happy to receive them. There are plenty of articles in the pipeline, for example material from Frank Savage's amazing collection of facts about the village and the Anchor day book from the early 1800s. In November of 2018 we displayed material from the first world war as part of the 100 year anniversary of the cessation of hostilities. Early in 2020 an exhibition of old school photos proved to be very popular. Recent plans to celebrate the 75th anniversary of V.E. day with an exhibition were postponed for obvious reasons. However you can still see on this website an article celebrating the lives of two Hathern boys, grandsons of J.Alex Swift, who both joined the RAF but tragically lost their lives in WW2.    


People in photo are

Standing: Francis Savage, Vera Sparks, Tony Swift, Sheila Swift, Andrew Swift, Mary Warrington, Bob Warrington, Bob Shore

Sitting: Terry Cox, Marion Cox, Doris Lawrence, Tom Dennis

Missing: Geoff Fletcher 



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