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ambrose de lisle 1809 1878In the summer of 1879 there was an auction at the King's Head, Loughborough of freehold property in Hathern and Shepshed. This was widely advertised in the press leading up to this occasion for example in the Leicester Journal of July 4th. Although it does not mention the De Lisle estate on the sale document it does mention that the land agent is Mr. T Carroll of Longcliffe Lodge and the two specific sales mentioned below both indicate the vendor to be Trustees of Ambrose Lisle March Phillipps De Lisle the recently deceased squire of Garendon Hall.It seems therefore that the death of the Squire had prompted a bit of a clear out. In the last part of the sale document you can see the 'Conditions of Sale' which in section 11 mentions the role of the De Lisles in the sale. 
Here you can read the full sale document. You will see that it includes three separate sales each of which was supported by a map. On Tuesday June 15th was the sale of public houses and other property in Shepshed (plan1). On the Wednesday June 16th was the sale of houses and land in Hathern (plan 2) and then Charnwood Forest (plan 3). These provide a valuable insight as to who lived where in 1879. No doubt you can cross check some of the names and houses to our census records (especially 1881) and Hathern's first Ordnance Survey of 1883/4. This article will concentrate on the land and property sold in Hathern with a quick run-through as follows by reference to the plot/house numbers on plan 2.

Plot 1: building comprising 2 cottages (William Peberdy and S.Roper) towards the top of Green Hill opposite the churchyard. 

Plots 2-6 : 9 cottages in a terrace further down Green Hill across from the churchyard (from top to bottom occupied by Sarah Hunt, Thomas Marson, Ann Randall and John Marson, James Roper and others and John Turlington and Mary Randon).

Plot 7 : 2 cottages at the top of Green Hill on the corner of Church Street (William Hunt and John Randon).

Then proceeding up from the bottom of the Green on the churchyard side : plots 8-10 a building with 3 cottages (Samuel Kelham, Stephen Brooks, Ada Brooks), then plots 11 -12 a building with house and frameshop on right (John Harriman) and one cottage on the left (Edward Groves). 

Plot 13 is a terrace with 4 cottages round the corner in what is now Cross Street but is shown as Narrow Lane on the plan (F.Randon and others). Plot 14 is a house and outbuildings across the Green on the corner of Pasture Lane (Edward Wilde).

Down the bottom of the Green on the right are plots 15 and 16, two pieces of land in total nearly six acres with houses outbuildings and gardens occupied by William Swift and William Johnson, with plot 16 having a right of way to plot 15.  These are the two houses we have the details of the buyer. If you look at the Conditions of Sale at the end of the sale document the last 2 pages indicate that :-

  • Plot 15 (lot 151) occupied by William Swift is sold to William Cradock Sharrard, haberdasher of Loughbrough, for £370 on behalf of Henry Harriman
  • Plot 16 (lot 152) occupied by William Johnson is sold to Henry Harriman, framesmith, for £430 

Plot 17 : a house and outbuildings to the left up Wide Lane with over a quarter acre of land.

Plot 18 : a house with garden (Edward Lowe) next to plot 19 gardens only (J.Marson and others). The two plots occupy about 2000 square yards. Plot 18 is on the corner of Swindon Lane (now Old Way leading from Dovecote Street).

Plots 20 -23 are building land and old buildings adjacent at the bottom of Narrow Lane (all occupied by William Adams). Part of buildings shown on plot 22 are to be moved after purchase onto plot 21.

Plots 24 to 33 : all building land, some with old buildings, soon to be the site of Gladstone Street for which provision is made on the plan and in section 8 in the conditions of sale. Resident (farmer) on all of these is Henry Hatton sometimes with John Turlington and others.

Plot 34 : building land at the corner of The Green and what is now Cross street

Plot 35 : over 200 square yards of land stretching back from what would become Gladstone Street. Both again with resident John Hatton. 

Plot 36 : 3 fields covering over 15 acres of land stretching back from Pasture Lane and plot 37 land and buildings over one acre off Swindon Lane now Old Way (William Adams).




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