All articles about Hathern have been downloaded from the British newspaper archive which is a subscription website.  To use the search and download facilities you will need to register and subscribe to that site. So far, we have downloaded all articles about Hathern up to 1904 and some of the articles during World War 1. These can be viewed below. 

Years Highlights
Great storm - farm labourer killed by lightning. Cheese riots. Soldiers used to quell stocking makers protest. Hare strays into 3 Crowns and eaten by customers.
Manchester mail coach runs loose on tollgate. Diabolical killing of animals in fields. Thomas Guttridge, blacksmith, dies leaving 121 descendants. Highway robbery - man transported for life. Death sentence for man who steals horse off Hathern butcher. Churchwardens warn of bogus framework knitters.
C.M. Phillipps distributes a cow and a loaf, and 1 shilling each to poor at Christmas. Marquis of Hastings hounds meet at Hathern Turn (first mention). Sentence of 18 months hard labour for 66 year old man.For sale - an assemblage of genteel furniture, including painted night commodes.
Proposals for Swannington, Zouch and Loughborough Railway. 12 year old boy to enter 9 year apprenticeship. Hathern rector donates recreation field for boys of Hathern. Shepshed Poor-Law riot - special constables on hand to prevent repeat at Hathern. Victorious cricket team come a cropper. Radicals to meet at Hathern.
Hathern man named as notorious sheep stealer. Several cases of poaching on land belonging to C.M. Phillipps. Rib top hands go on strike. Concern as dog goes mad. 7 years transportation for stealing bag of soot. Chartist camp at Hathern Turn.
Rector within law not to allow burial of unbaptised person in churchyard. Agricultural implements made in Hathern excite attention. Several cases of domestic arguments and mistreatment of apprentices. Commission of Lunacy at Hathern.
Police prevent big prize fight at Hathern. C.M. Phillipps waives allotment fees after poor season. Farm labourer dies of exposure to sun. 3 month old child dies after wrong dosage of medicine.
Important game case Boyer vs. Phillipps. Zouch Mills resumes full production. Death at aged 25 of Rev. Phillipps youngest daughter. Bankruptcy of Hathern tanner.  Woman previously from Hathern dies after illegal abortion. 
Child accidentally run over and killed at Hathern Turn. Temperance lecture at the Baptist chapel. Rev Phillipps chairs annual meeting of Bible Society in Hathern Free School. Reading room opened for working men. Woman removed to private asylum in Hathern. Notorious poacher is training lads to follow in his footsteps. Hathern population figures published.
Fatal accident at Handford's sawmill. Temperance League meeting in schoolroom. 7 Golden Square tenements for sale at the Fox and Hounds Inn Hathern. Music and fireworks at peace celebration. Miserable death of tramp in field.
Extraordinary case of murder and suicide. Hathern Wakes week - church choir trip on Midland railway to Alton Towers. Highway robbery on Whatton Road. Body of child found in ditch. Woman burnt to death. Death and obituary of much loved rector Edward Phillipps.  
Hathern Band plays in Whatton church and temperance festival. Tribute to the late Mr. Heathcoat. Man dies of intoxication and exposure after drinking in Hathern Turn. Record of ministry of Rev. Phillipps produced by his daughters. Parish church opened after restoration. Novel wedding festivities as man over 80 years old marries 45 year old.
Couple jailed for stealing Hathern man's watch. Domestic incident after cap thrown into privy. New Wesleyan chapel opened. Hosiers give their workmen a treat.
Rev. Smythies gives talk on "Emigration : what to do and where to go". Important discussion on steam cultivation.
Cricket - Hathern man turns out for County colts at Trent Bridge. Rev Smythies speaks out against Education Bill. A clergyman tampering with parish returns. Rev Smythies disputes toll charge. Horticultural show a great success. Alarming accident near Hathern station.
Meeting of framework knitters to hear result of deputation to MP. Grand wedding of rector's daughter marked by striking of new clock. Rev. Smythies accused of taking stone from Hathern quarry. 3 men hurt building the new Soar bridge.
Hathern cricketer features in Sporting Life. Police foil cock fighting in Hathern. Parisioners turn down plans to improve drains.  Hathern Co-operative Society report. Dinner for Hathern old cricket club.
Theft of cricket implements. Rev. Smythies opposes proposal for school board. Local athletes win Christmas £10 handicap.
Entertainment in Temperance Hall. Death of Mr Phillips, lord of the manor. Rev Smythies argument over cattle. Rev Smythies disputes appointment of overseer. Accidental death of child alone in house. Rev Smythies objects to use of path for foot-racing. Extensive robbery of hosiery. Great sale of property. Hathern man wins fishing match. Football match vs. St. Peter's.
Loads of football and cricket matches. Poaching and drunkeness as usual. Young Mens Institute. Co-op. Many chapel events. First interment under new Burials Act. Featured article on Hathern on June 18th. Voting on Sunday closing of pubs.
 Young Mens Mutual Improvement Society. Driving offences and accidents. Assault on Schoolmistress. Blue Ribbon (temperance) Movement. Ballad celebrating Hathern and Shepshed past wrestlers.
Death of cricketer Fred Randon. Request for new post pox at Anchor. Hill house for sale. Mr. James Fisher and family emigrate to South Australia.
Hathern Vics vs. Hathern Morning star. Calico handout for poor. Serious fire at Burrowes woodyard. Big house sale. Sick Club feast.
Gladstone Street named. Path required on Hathern Turn Hill. New Primitive Methodist school. T.Brown becomes a professional cricketer in London. Wakes Week celebrations. Dewdrop refused a full license after objection from Anchor.
Disturbing suicide through want of work. Hathern quarry. Hosiery workers union activity. Liberals vs. Conservatives in election. Liberal Club building. Cottages for sale on Round Bank.
New factory with steam power. More poaching. Terrible case of hydrophobia. Anti-coercion agitation. Queens Jubilee celebrations. Neighbours quarrel. Swimming race in River Soar. Formal opening of Liberal Club.
 Fighting at Salvation Army rally. Hosiery dispute. Bishop of Zanzibar visits Hathern
 Rev Smythies - "a parson and polite letter writer". Exceptional floods. Campaign for Sunday closing. Bathing fatality. Smythies and "Wicked Hathern" again.
1890 (i)
Churchwarden dispute. Rev Smythies charged with assault followed by mysterious dog poisoning.
1890 (ii)
 New telegraph service from Hathern station. Burial incident at Hathern churchyard. Hathern Band dispute.
1891 (i)
Burial scandal. Farmer goes bankrupt. Parish quarry. Flu epidemic. Liberals win in elelction. Thunderstorm wreaks havoc.
1891 (ii)
Mysterious outrage at Long Whatton following Hathern Wake. Trips out from village by train and boat. Death of Rev Smythies.
House sale main road and Golden Square. Horse and trap loose in village. Poor state of roads. Works dinner at glove factory. Beating the bounds (old tradition revived). Knitters to join trade union. 
Union men locked out of glove factory. Argument with De Lisle over fishing rights. Dispute over sale of horse.
New burial ground discussed. Dispute about Charity prizes to Hathern pupils. Better postal services required.
Monster demonstration for Co-operative movement's 21st anniversary. Scarlet fever closes school. Highway Board acts on stiles, telegraph poles and cobbled paths. Death of Anchor landlord John Cooper.
Hathern gentleman murdered in Argentina. Violent gale causes damage. Football team wins Shield - then disqualified. Burial question raised : churchyard is full. Henry Moody in court again.
Liberals dominate new Parish Council. Season of Band contests. Hathern Choir goes on strike. Milkseller declared bankrupt. Drunken fracas in King's Arms. River mystery. Details emerge of Loughborough section of new railway line. Fox cornered in Hathern shoemaker's shop in Boxing Day hunt.
Site for new Co-op butcher. 3 Crowns for sale. Stints chosen for new cememtery. Barge accident. New churchwardens. Trade dispute at Brickyard. Horse poisoned by yew. Band contest result met with hostile demonstration.
Election fever. Tenders for school extension. New cemetery siite approved. Local MP opens Baptist bazaar. Farmer attacked by bull. Measles outbreak closes school. First interment in new cememtery. Allotment land purchased from Leys Farm.
Cemetery opened. Co-op thriving. Contoversary over cemetery consecration. Search for new business in village. Young man dies after falling from the Cross. Derby Road allotments marked out. Man dies of laudanum poisoning.
List of presents for Hathern wedding. Scholarship prizes awarded. Dispute with school over distribution of charity money. Armenian Minister tells of terrible slaughter of christians in his country. Earhquake wakes residents. Hosiery trade downturn. Hathern woman gets separation from Derby landlord. 
Memorial window to Rev Smythies. New room at school. Mr. Fuller retires from Sunday School. 2 lads have narrow escape in river. Opening of Sunday morning adult class. School's bill debated. Liberal Club donate to Penryn lock-out fund. Question about body alignment in cemetery. Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
Near drowning at Zouch Mills. Allegations against Hathern policeman in Kegworth man's strange death. New Technical School. Continuing dispute about allocation of Charity moneys - for education or the needy ? Plan to plant Jubilee tree on Round Bank. Complaints about children attending church service at School.
Jubilee tree planted. Sam Price wins singing contest. Parish Council considers winter street lighting. Collection for Whitwick disaster fund. Commission enquiry into charity estate. Vics tipped for football honours again. Jubilee tree "passes away". Need for recreation ground. School prizes awarded. Move to put non-conformists on School Board.
Residents win dispute over footpath from Pasture Lane to river. Collection for respected bandsman. Pleasure seekers head for Cleethorpes. Mr. Miller admonishes newspaper for getting band name wrong. Burglary at Post Office. Subjects for Technical School chosen. Sunday School supports Tsar of Russia's disarmament proposal. Conscientious objectors to vaccination. Trap accident outside Anchor.
Sale of shop and cottages on Green. Firsr Sunday funeral for 50 years. Local preacher goes missing and then found drowned. Seasrch for new jobs for men. NSPCC case. Charity estate again discusses prizes for children who do not present themselves for register before the morning prayers.
Man dies after falling on stake. Hosiery manufacturer fined for breaches of Factory Act. Fight between eel and otter in river. Hathern man assaults girl on train. Parish votes to introduce street lighting. Tramway scheme between Loughborough and Hathern being considered.
Floods. Plans cancelled for tramway to Loughborough. Death of Ben Fuller. Hathern lad dies in accident at Normanton. The Vics win District League. Street lighting considered. Relief of Mafeking celebrated.
Knitters to join Trade Union. Bad case of child neglect. Liberal candidate wins in General Election. Plans to re-open path through Pear Tree Lane. Library opened in Charity Rooms. Men accused of poaching on Lord Crawshaw's estate.
Celebration committee for Coronation.Diptheria outbreak closes school. Man drunk at "The Royal Oak" Hathern (where is this ?). Local man excels in foot races. Boundary disputr at Elms. Snow cuts communications. New bakery at Co-op. Drinking water polluted.
Robbery at baker's house. Furious motor car driving - over 12mph. Non-conformists rate rebellion. Dispute over photo enlargement. Board of Guardians agree to provide beer for the Workhouse at Xmas. Cottage in way of new road to Cemetery. Man in accident dies after delay in treatment.
Houses condemned. New water piped water supply discussed. Preparations for war. Soldier killed and others injured. Belgian refugee. Union strike at Hathern Brickyard. Rolls of Honour.  




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